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Excellent product for cleaning the DPF, eliminating the need to replace it, even with high saturation levels.

– Breaks down DPF saturation.
– Cleans and removes any dirt once it is broken down.
– Eliminates the need to change the DPF, even with saturation at 80%.
– Re-establishes DPF pressure values.

– 1L activator for breaking down, cleaning and removing the carbon residues that cause its saturation.
– 500ml neutraliser that removes the activator's active substances in the filter when it is clean. Thus leaving the system ready for future optimal regenerations.

* Dismantling the DPF: With the filter facing down, add the activator, in the gas direction, leaving the product inside for at least 40 min. When the activator has been applied, remove the product and follow the same steps with the Protector. Repeat the process several times to achieve the maximum effect with both products.
* DPF gun: Remove the lambda sensor. Pour 500ml of the activator into the gun's bottle and apply through the hole in the lambda sensor, then wait for 15min. Pour in the remaining 500ml of activator and apply again. Then wait 40 min for the product to act. When the cleaning time has finished, pour the 500ml of protector into the gun and repeat the same process. Install the lambda sensor, lower the car from the lift, remove it from the repair shop and start it so that all of the cleaning liquid comes out of the exhaust. When all of the residue has been expelled, drive for 10 or 15 km to enable the vehicle to complete DPF regeneration. Test again to make sure that the saturation has disappeared and reset the DPF light.

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1L activador
500ml protector


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